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Tamayo Lab

Computational Cancer Analysis Laboratory

UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center & Center for Novel Therapeutics Suite 3400, Room 3162
9310 Athena Circle, La Jolla, CA 92037

Our projects and collaborations centered around our general framework to functionally delineate oncogenic states.

These are understood as a defined set of specific and coordinated patterns of aberrant activation/deregulation of signaling pathways, and downstream effectors and transcriptional programs, including the tumor stroma and immune microenvironment, which result in similar phenotypic characteristics and cell vulnerabilities to genetic or pharmacological perturbations. Following this functional approach, we use computational and experimental methodologies to define oncogenic states and provide a more accurate biological context, and molecular phenotypes, to guide cancer modeling, classification and to more effectively match therapies to individual cancer samples using a novel functional evidence-based paradigm for Precision Oncology. As part of our work we develop computational algorithms, tools, and software environment and make them available to the Cancer Research community.