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  • HIV Infection Prematurely Ages People by an Average of Five Years: Epigenetic changes also associated with 19 percent increased risk of mortality. Trey Ideker, PhD, is co-corresponding author of report in Molecular Cell published online on April 21, 2016. 
  • New Computer Program Can Help Uncover Hidden Genomic Alterations that Drive Cancers: Tested on large tumor genomics database, REVEALER method allows researchers to connect genomics to cell function.  Jill P. Mesirov, PhD, is co-senior author of paper published April 18, 2016, in Nature Biotechnology
  • March 24, 2016 - Genetic Changes that Cause Autism Are More Diverse Than Previously Thought.  Keith Vaux, MD, is a coauthor on the study report published online in The American Journal of Genetics. 
  • January 20, 2016 - GenomeSpace “Recipes” Help Biologists Interpret Genomic Data: Data analysis platform will enlist the user community to streamline use of multiple bioinformatics tools - UC San Diego press release announces publication of January 18 Nature Methods  report on creation of GenomeSpace.  Dr. Jill Mesirov is senior investigator. 
  • Jill P. Mesirov, PhD is Appointed Associate Vice Chancellor for Computational Health Sciences - UC San Diego press release announces recruitment of Dr. Jill Mesirov, who is Professor of Medicine in the Division of Medical Genetics.  
  • Interim division chief Keith Vaux, MD, named new Chief Editor for Genetics/Genomic Medicine for Medscape/E-Medicine/WebMD, the leading health portal in the United States with 156 million unique visitors per month. 
  • Professor Trey Ideker, PhD is named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the largest general science organization in the United States. 
  • Drs. Keith Vaux and Trey Ideker are coauthors of a Science  paper on hereditary spastic paraplegia: Exome sequencing links corticospinal motor neuron disease to common neurodegenerative disorders. 
  • Dr. Ideker is senior author and Dr. Hannah Carter a co-author of a Nature Genetics  report: Multi-tiered genomic analysis of head and neck cancer ties TP53 mutation to 3p loss.
  • Dr. Ideker is senior author and postdoctoral fellow Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis, PhD is the co-author of an essay in Cell: Siri of the cell: what biology could learn from the iPhone. (Free full text is at PubMed Central) 
  • Keith Vaux, MD is Interim Division Chief - Division of Medical Genetics news item July 2014 - Interim division chief Keith K. Vaux, MD, is Professor of Clinical Medicine and Assistant Dean, Medical Education in the UCSD School of Medicine
  • CTRI Helps Launch Career of Bioengineer Hannah Carter - UCSD Clinical and Translational Research Institute news item November 22, 2013 - With support from UC San Diego's Clinical and Translational Research Institute (CTRI), bioengineer Hannah Carter, PhD, received the highly prestigious NIH Early Independence Award and recently began her transition to a junior faculty position ... read more 
  • Drug Treatment Corrects Autism Symptoms in Mouse Model: An old drug gives hope for new treatment in autism - UCSD press release, March 13 (2013) - research findings from the Naviaux laboratory: 
  • New drug that may help reverse autism is to be tested on children for the first time after successful clinical trials on mice - MailOnline, March 14 (2013) 
  • Drug Treatment Corrects Autism Symptoms in Mouse Model - ScienceDaily, March 13 (2013) 
  • Study Opens Promising New Direction in Autism Research - Autism Speaks, March 13 (2013) 
  • In Epigenomics, Location is Everything - UCSD press release, January 3 (2013) - results of collaborative study published in Cell Reports
  • Toward a New Model of the Cell - UCSD press release, December 17 (2012) - study results published in Nature Biotechnology. 
  • Biomarking Time - UCSD press release, November 21 (2012) - Markers and a model for aging at the level of genes and molecules, published in Molecular Cell. Dr. Ideker a co-senior author. 
  • Facebook Boosts Voter Turnout - UCSD press release, September 12 (2012) -- Research from Dr. James Fowler, professor of medicine and political science, published in Nature
  • $5.9 Million Grant to UC San Diego for Paradigm-Shifting Diabetes Research - UCSD press release, October 3 (2011) - Dr. Trey Ideker is a co-investigator. 
  • Digging Deeper, Seeing Farther: Supercomputers Alter Science, John Markoff, NY Times, April 26 (2011) 
  • Scientists Map Changes in Genetic Networks Caused By DNA Damage, UCSD press release, December 2 (2010) 
  • NIH award of $15.4 million for UCSD Center for Systems Biology -- La Jolla Light, October 14 (2010) Division Chief Dr. Trey Ideker as co-director of newly funded UCSD Center for Systems Biology 
  • Nobel Laureate Appointed as Adjunct Faculty -- Dr. Hamilton Smith, Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Scientific Director of Synthetic Biology and Bioenergy and Distinguished Professor at the J. Craig Venter Institute, has been appointed as an Adjunct Faculty member of the Division of Medical Genetics. 
  • Synthetic Genome Brings New Life to Bacterium, Elizabeth Pennisi, Science, 328, 958-959, May 21 (2010) 
  • Researchers Say They Created a Synthetic Cell, Nicolas Wade, NY Times, May 20 (2010) 
  • Researchers Create Atlas of Transcription Factor Combinations, Debra Kain, UCSD News, March 5 (2010) 
  • Search for pathway-level biomarkers, Amy Swinderman, Drug Discovery News, August (2009) 
  • More harm than good?, Justine Davies, The Guardian, June 23 (2009) 
  • Amid Efforts to Give Foods More Antioxidant Punch, Mysteries Remain, Jennifer LaRue Huget, The Washington Post, June 2 (2009) 
  • Jay Flatley and Robert Naviaux, January 19, 2009. Jay Flatley, the CEO of Illumina, asks Division of Genetics Professor Dr. Robert Naviaux to write the prescription (left) for the first physician-ordered personal genome to be completed at a CLIA-certified facility. The final sequence was completed to 30-fold depth, assembled, and delivered on May 22, 2009. The genome sequence is of Jay Flatley. 
  • Saudi University Announces Special Partnership with Technology Institute at UC San Diego, Doug Ramsey, UC San Diego News Center, October 14 (2008) 
  • KAUST Announces Partnership With UC San Diego To Build World's Most Advanced Visualization Center, PRWeb, October 23 (2008) 
  • Regulatory Pathway In Brain Development Possible Basis For Malformations, Science Daily, January 2, (2007) 
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